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The Tattered Page Bookstore was
established in the Fall of 2001, in historic downtown Mount Vernon. I left the big city of Houston, Texas, and a safe government job to move to a small town and take a chance on
a used bookstore. People thought I was either crazy or very brave, but owning a bookstore has always been my dream. The first year was a blur of used books. In the second year we were able to expand our services by offering on site book repair. Next the business was going well enough that I hired my first employee and started opening six days a week. As used bookstores will, the 1000' location quickly became stuffed with books, so in 2006, I purchased the old City Bakery building, doubling my square footage. For a couple of years I rented out half of the space but eventually took over the entire building.

Primarily the store offers thousands and thousands of used books, but we also carry new books and book-related accessories. Customers kept bringing in movies so I gave in and added used movies, which as of 2012, we sell or rent. If we do not have what you want, we can order books, music, movies or in fact any thing you want to order. Over the years I have ordered any number of interesting items for my customers. We are also animal friendly, though the cats insist
that dogs just visit.

514 South First Street
Mount Vernon, Wa 98273